Be the best

As you are walking though the middle school doors you may be thinking of things that are bad. Don’t get on coach terry nerves and do what is right not what is wrong. Don’t forget your matrices for your next class. Be on your best behavior don’t be bad be good Don’t let people bully […]

Why school are important

The knowledge learned in school plays a major role in peoples’ daily lives. … School is also important for developing important social skills. Communication skills are important for succeeding in a wide range of fields, and spending time with others improves students’ social skills. Studies have shown that well-educated societies have lower rates of violence […]


Some people like to communicate in person, however technology is a much better way to communicate with people in. While some differences between communicating in person and communicating with technology are noticeable, the similarities are pronounced. Here are some similarities between communicating in person and communicating with technology. One way they are alike is that […]

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